My mother tells me that my Dad left us when he got a divorce. Did he really leave us or just my Mom?

I am older now and starting to see he may still love me but for years I have not felt that he does. My Mom told my sisters and me that he left our family when he got a divorce from my mother. I am 16 now and since we still see him frequently, I’m […]

Is it okay to let my 6-year-old play by herself in the backyard?

She seems to be okay when I let her, I was just wondering what you think. We have gates and fences around too… our kitchen window faces the backyard so I’ll do dishes, clean up the kitchen and do laundry, and just keep checking on her. What do you think? You’re describing typical childhood up […]

Watching Cinderella with our kids

How many of you enjoyed the story of Cinderella as a child? It may seem like I’m addressing the female readers here, and perhaps I am. My younger brother was game for stories that featured women and girls and were written from their perspective. He still seems to be and I’m grateful for that, as […]

Does my daughter deserve punishment?

Today I found out my daughter played on her iPad instead of doing her homework after school. She said she forgot but I knew she hadn’t. She finally came clean and said it was just because homework is so boring. I don’t really want to punish her because I understand how she feels. What should […]

How can I motivate my 8th grade son to be more responsible?

My 8th grade son doesn’t seem to care and lacks motivation. I know this is typical, but I think he might be an extreme case. Please help. He asked to go on two class trips. Each was expensive and I had to work additional hours to pay for him to go, and his father and […]

Can I Insist that My 17-year-old Wear and Not Wear Certain Clothing?

My 17-year-old daughter wants to wear all kinds of clothing that range from offensive to dangerous. Short shorts and skirts, bared midriff, suggestive sayings, shoes she’ll break an ankle in… it seems like I can’t even predict what she’s going to look like when she goes out. I want her to wear Levis jeans like […]

Can Parents Tell Their 17-year-old Daughter What to Wear?

I mean, she’s a young woman and not a child anymore so she can make decisions on her own…right? Those last few years at home. Sometimes it seems like they can be akin to a hostage negotiation. Or a rock fight.  It doesn’t have to be this way, but I can say that and still […]