My mother tells me that my Dad left us when he got a divorce. Did he really leave us or just my Mom?

I am older now and starting to see he may still love me but for years I have not felt that he does. My Mom told my sisters and me that he left our family when he got a divorce from my mother. I am 16 now and since we still see him frequently, I’m […]

Can Parents Tell Their 17-year-old Daughter What to Wear?

I mean, she’s a young woman and not a child anymore so she can make decisions on her own…right? Those last few years at home. Sometimes it seems like they can be akin to a hostage negotiation. Or a rock fight.  It doesn’t have to be this way, but I can say that and still […]

Uncooperative 6-year-old. Just a phase, or a real problem?

It felt at times like my kid was holding us all hostage, not realizing that if I lost my job, she’d suffer too. And you can’t tell them. Little kids don’t need to know that stuff, but you definitely deserve to have some support with it.